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What’s healthier at Starbucks: A Soy Latte or a Non-fat Latte?

Some people think ordering a Soy latte at Starbucks is better

for you than non-fat milk. Soy milk at Starbucks does include a price upgrade so it must be better, right? Some may drink soy because it adds some flavor while others may drink it for anti-dairy reasons and then there are those who do it for health reasons. I love soy milk in my latte because I simply think it is delicious, so I will pay the extra fee for it. What most people are unaware of are the extra calories and fat in this soy milk.

Starbucks Soy Latte Calories & Nutrition vs. Non-Fat Latte

At Starbucks, a 12 oz Latte (non-fat Milk) has about 100 calories, 0g of fat, 10g of protein and 14g of sugar, where as a 12 oz Soy Latte has about 130 calories, 4g of fat, 7g of protein and 14 g of sugar. Non-fat cow’s milk is lower in calories and packed with more protein and calcium. Soy on the other hand, is actually used as a functional food and may help lower cholesterol. In conclusion, Starbucks non-fat milk contains less calories and fat and packed with more protein and calcium, while soy milk may have cholesterol lowering abilities. Taste aside; you can wisely decide now depending on your health interest.
I’m still not sure why Starbucks insists on charging about 40 cents for soy. I’ve never been to another coffee shop that charges more for soy. Soy is added to everything in the United States and has three times the shelf life of cow’s milk if left unopened.